Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management - IT Projects

Project Risk Management. How do you reduce project risk? By defining the project properly, by making sure the project team know what they should do at each stage of the development process, by having accurate estimates, by having an achievable schedule, by tracking and monitoring progress. Etc.

Project Risk Management - Integral to Project Management

Project Risk Management cannot be isolated from the other aspects of project management. A viable, achievable project plan will clearly greatly reduce the risk of project failure. A viable plan in turn depends upon good estimates, which in turn depend upon good project definition. Doing these and a host of other things properly will make the major contribution to project risk management.

Project Risk Management - Risk Management Process

Specific Project Risk Management processes will only work well in the context of a well organised project. Project Risk Management is reduced to observing and calibrating choas in projects that are not well managed.

Project Risk Management - Training Course

This project management training course covers the management of software development and other IT projects from inception to post implementation review. It covers project management principles; getting the project clearly defined (a major factor in reducing project risk); project roles; estimating; building the plan; getting resource commitments; and several other topics.

Specific Project Risk Management processes are covered. Techniques for assessing risks, sample risk assessment checklists are provided. An example risk monitoring template - risk register - is included. Ways of managing and reporting risks and risk status are covered. The course provide comprehensive coverage of project risk management.

Monitoring and controlling project status, as well as specifically monitoring the status of identified risks, all aid overall risk reduction: templates for project status reporting are shown and illustrated with examples.

The role of a central project support or project assurance function is covered both in terms of their general role and also in terms of their specific role in helping projects and project managers assess risk (and ensuring that they do!); in modifying risk assessment checklists; and in collecting and disseminating ways in which projects have successfully dealt with risks ("addressing factors"). So the course covers how an organisation might ensure all projects do adequate project risk management.

The course takes a straightforward approach to practical risk management in software development projects. If you are looking for a course on risk management in software development projects, and you are looking for a practical rather than a theoretical mathematical approach, you have just have found it.

Note: The course no longer runs as a classroom course. However, the essence of the course is available free online in book form.. There is a chapter specifically on risk management, but again it should be emphasised that the way to reduce project risk will not be found mainly in that chapter: project risk is reduced by defining the project properly, building a clear and realistic project plan, managing change, managing quality (rather than just hoping for it), etc. All of which things the book covers.

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