Project Management For Beginners


Q. Is this course suitable for a complete project management novice?

A. Yes.

Q. Is it just a gentle introduction to some basic principles of project management?

A. The course does cover the fundamentals of project management but it goes on to cover a lot more than that.


Q. Is the course only for project managers?

A. No. It may be called a project management course but this does not mean it is only for project managers. Some who attend are project managers but most are team leaders, aspiring team leaders, aspiring project managers or people with no formal project role who want to find out what project management is all about.

Q. If I have not been involved in project work will I be totally lost?

A. No. If you have never been near a project you will find the course a lot to digest but you'll be OK.


Q. Is the course only attended by project management beginners?

A. Most who attend are new to project management but some who attend have been involved in team leading or managing projects.

Q. So other than beginners, novices, "trainee" team leaders and trainee project managers, who else attends this course?

A. A wide range of people. Some project managers who have managed many projects attend: although they have been running projects they haven't had any formal training and they want the structure that the course will give them. Others have managed projects but not IT or software projects and come on the course to see how project management is applied specifically to IT and software projects. Sometimes quite senior managers attend to find out what their project managers should be doing! Sometimes a project manager will attend with key members of their project team and during the course decide how they will run their particular project.

Q. What does this course actually cover?

A. Have a look at this page: Managing I.T. Projects Course.

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