Prince 2 Practitioner Qualification, What Next?

Prince 2 Practitioner Qualification, What Next?

Prince 2 courses are very good at helping you pass the Prince 2 Foundation exam or the Prince 2 Practitioner exam.

Some who do the Prince 2 exams are experienced project managers. The Prince2 qualification helps when applying for jobs, or Prince 2 may be the standard in your organisation. But having done a Prince 2 course you'll know that Prince 2 courses are very good at showing you how to pass the Prince 2 exams but don't necessarily teach how to manage projects - that isn't the objective of a Prince 2 course. After all, you're an experienced project manager, you don't need a course that teaches you how to manage projects.

If you have little or no project management experience you will have realised that while your Prince2 course taught you the Prince 2 terminology and how to pass the Prince 2 exam it perhaps didn't give you much of an understanding or insight in to how actually to manage projects. Our course is just right for you.

Our course shows how to manage projects. We flesh out some of the processes and techniques touched on in Prince2 courses. We are even bold enough to highlight areas in which Prince2 can be improved upon in the context of IT projects, particularly projects that involve software development and implementation.

Our course is also suitable for experienced PMs who are moving into IT software development projects for the first time. We cover the principles of the software development lifecycle and highlight areas that afford particularly challenges when one is engaged in software projects.

The Project Management Course is described here: Project Management Course.

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knowing how to manage projects is not the same as memorising the prince 2 books
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