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Are you a business person who has been thrust into an IT software development project? Are you baffled by the IT guys, no idea what's going on or what you should be doing?

This free Project Management Book might help you. It explains how "IT" projects should be run. IT in quotes because they are really business projects which involve IT, not vice verca. The book covers what should be done at each step in a software development project: project definition, business requirements definition, system design, etc. IT jargon is largely avoided, but some IT jargon is explained is layman's terms: if you know what the IT guys are on about it helps you to be a fully contributing member of the team. Indeed, the book stresses the importance of business and IT working closely together whether the project is an in-house development or an outsourced project. The course is usually attended both by business users and by IT people which tends to help break down barriers and engender mutual understanding.

Business roles are explained. For example the role of the project sponsor and the role of project user manager. The course shows how, even if you have no IT knowledge, you can play a significant part in managing an "IT" project.

If you are a business person involved in a IT project, this book will be very enlightening.

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